Delta-Pi (Southern Methodist University)
Support Kappa Sigma at Southern Methodist University!
The purpose of this historic initiative is to raise funds for each Chapter Scholarship Fund. Brothers and other Kappa Sigma supporters will be challenged to donate $10.34, $50.34, $150.34, $340, $3,400, $34,000 or more between 12:01 AM EST on Friday, March 1st and 11:59 PM HST on Sunday, March 3rd.

This weekend is used to grow your Chapter Scholarship Fund so that more brothers receive a scholarship each year. 

Your Delta-Pi Chapter Scholarship Fund Balance over the years: 

  • CSF 5/31/2019 - $34,414.34
  • CSF 5/31/2020 - $39,000.75
  • CSF 5/31/2021 - $52,264.60
  • CSF 5/31/2022 - $57,202.25
  • CSF 5/31/2023 - $62,968.34

Donate during the weekend in honor or memory of a Brother, or important person to Kappa Sigma, then challenge a pledge brother to do the same! Remember 100% of donations during this weekend support YOUR Chapter Scholarship Fund. 

Your Chapter Scholarship Fund is used to support undergraduate scholarships every year,  for undergraduates of this Chapter only. This fund is invested and grows, and is distributed each year. JP Morgan Private Bank professionally manages the fund.

Scholarship-Leadership Award Applications open on September 1st every year, and winners are announced on December 10th. 

The 2023 Donald C. Dilley Scholarship-Leadership Award Winners were: 

Ross David Yenerich (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '21)

August Kenneth Pye (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '21)

Nicholas Downing Hancock (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '21)

Aiden Johnson (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '22)

Daniel Discenza (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '22)

William Bullock (Delta-Pi, Southern Methodist University, '23)

The CSF 5/31/2023 value does not reflect the recent scholarship(s) awarded to Undergraduates in December.

Top Chapters: $ Raised
These are the Chapters leading the way in DOLLARS raised during SAJ Weekend of Giving 2024!
Rank Chapter Raised
1 Delta-Mu (University of North Dakota) $75,865.90
2 Theta-Zeta (Eastern New Mexico University) $58,429.09
3 Chi-Omega (University of South Carolina) $53,863.06
4 Alpha-Nu (Wofford College) $51,311.80
5 Beta-Beta (University of Richmond) $50,581.90
WGM Burt Trembly SAJ Weekend District Challenge
For the FIRST TWO districts that achieve 100% undergraduate participation, I will contribute $250.34 to their chapters’ scholarship funds (evenly divided amongst groups in the district) for a total of $500.68
PWGM Kevin Kaplan First 100% District Challenge
The first District to reach 100% participation will receive an equal share of a $1,000 donation from Brother Kaplan. Lump Sum's don't count.
PWGS Jeffrey McKenzie 100% District Participation and Giving Challenge
For the first district in Kappa Sigma to have 100% undergrad participation and all chapters meeting their goal, Brother McKenzie will donate $100.34 to each chapter in the district
Top Chapters: # of Donors
These are the Chapters leading the way in # of donors on SAJ Weekend of Giving 2024!
Rank Department Gifts
1 Xi (University of Arkansas) 418
2 Delta-Xi (University of Mississippi) 360
3 Gamma (Louisiana State University) 270
4 Beta-Theta (Indiana University) 268
5 Delta-Sigma (The University of Utah) 265
PWGM Kevin Kaplan First 100% participation Challenge
Brother Kaplan will contribute to the first Chapter to reach 100% participation through Individual donations. Lump Sum's don't count.
PWGM Kevin Kaplan New Chapter Participation Challenge
Brother Kaplan will contribute $500 to the first Chapter Installed since 6/1/2022 to reach 100% participation. Lump Sum's don't count.
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