Nu-Phi (Northeastern State University)
Chapter Goal: $1,100

To celebrate the Stephen Alonzo Jackson Weekend of Giving, we have designated the weekend of March 1st - 3rd, to honor his legacy. Your donation in amounts of $5, $34, $340, $3,400, or $34,000 will go directly to the Chapters Scholarship Fund of your choice. Donations made to the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund are tax-deductible. Let us support our brothers in honor of Brother Jackson.


Your Chapters goal is based on this years FACE Criteria, which is outlined below. If the chapter meets their goal with donations, they will receive 10 points towards their Founders Award of Chapter Excellence criteria.

  • Under 250 Initiates - $550

  • 250 - 500 Initiates - $1,100

  • 500 - 750 Initiates - $1,750

  • 750 - 1000 Initiates - $2,200

  • 1,000 + Initiates - $2,750

Your Chapter Scholarship Fund is used to support undergraduate scholarship for members of your chapter only. This fund is invested and grows, and distributes each year, once it reaches a $10,000 balance. Until it reaches that balance, then Endowment Fund covers a $250 scholarship for that chapter.


Top Chapters: $ Raised
These are the chapters leading the way in $ raised on SAJ Weekend of Giving 2019!
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Top Chapters: # of Donors
These are the chapters leading the way in # of donors on SAJ Weekend of Giving 2019!
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DGM Nathan Bates' Oklahoma District Challenge
For the first TWO (2) chapters of the Oklahoma district who achieve 100% undergraduate participation on SAJ Weekend of Giving, DGM Nathan Bates will contribute $100 to each chapter's scholarship fund for a total of $200. The eligible chapters are Epsilon-Mu (Tulsa University), Gamma-Kappa (The University of Oklahoma), Gamma-Psi (Oklahoma State University), Nu-Phi (Northeastern State University), Omicron-Tau (University of Arkansas- Fort Smith, Theta-Psi (Oklahoma City University) and Cameron University Colony.
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