FIVE Campaign

Named to honor Kappa Sigma's greatest Brother Stephen Alonzo Jackson the Jackson's Men program was established in 1989 by Past Worthy Grand Master Dr. John W. Ryan (President Emeritus Indiana University & Chancellor Emeritus State University of New York).

Dr. Ryan's vision was to significantly increase support for undergraduate Scholarship and Leadership programs through the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund. 

More than three decades later, 5,336 of Kappa Sigma's most loyal brothers have answered the call to become One of Jackson's Men. Millions of dollars have been raised for the benefit of our undergraduate brothers.

In recognition of their generosity, these brothers have each received a distinctive badge, a personally assigned Jackson's Men number, and based on level of support, his name prominently displayed forever at Kappa Sigma International Headquarters.

This Founders' Day weekend we are coming together once again in a historic effort to recruit FIVE brothers from every Kappa Sigma chapter to become One of Jackson's Men or to upgrade their current commitment.

We are calling it the FIVE Campaign - in honor of Kappa Sigma's FIVE friends and brothers.

Our goal is for a minimum of 500 new commitments and $750,000.00 raised in new undergraduate support.

It is our sincere hope you will join us to ensure Kappa Sigma's future and keep us number one, second to none! History is upon us!


New SAPPHIRE Commitments

Thomas P. Bishop, Esq., Alpha-Beta, Pin #9

Kevin S. Kaplan, Theta-Zeta, Pin #13

Todd R. Wagner, Beta-Theta, Pin #70

Jody L. Bailey, Theta-Zeta, Pin #922

Hugh M. Robert, Esq., Epsilon-Mu, Pin #1533

Kevin K. Amburgy, Theta-Nu, Pin #1627

Nicholas E. Snowberger, Theta-Zeta, Pin #1756

Michael L. Benson, Xi-Beta, Pin #2040

Brett O. Socha, Lambda-Gamma, Pin #2729

Martin C. Petersen, Rho, Pin #2736

Gabriel F. Rodriguez, Rho-Omicron, Pin #3129

Theta-Zeta Chapter

Daniel H. Lumma, Beta-Chi, (new)

Thomas F. Brown, Gamma-Xi, (new)


New OPAL Commitments

Donal L. McClamroch, Jr., Eta, Pin #7

Lionel L. de la Houssaye, Jr., Theta-Rho, Pin #100

Burton R. Trembly, Theta-Zeta, Pin #334

Richard S. Johnson, Beta-Beta, Pin #1504

Jeffrey S. McKenzie, Xi-Lambda, Pin #1602

Adam J. Merillat, Epsilon-Mu, Pin #1918

Philip J. Hetu, Nu-Epsilon, Pin #2148

Cary E. Vaughn, Epsilon-Psi, Pin #3044

Brandon Y. Leung, Gamma-Upsilon, Pin #3570

Mark N. McGinnis, Tau, Pin #4107

Howard B. Foltz, Beta-Iota, Pin #4398

Epsilon-Mu Chapter

Lambda-Xi Chapter

One of Jackson's Men
One of Jackson's Men Commitment Level
Rank Answer Donors
2 RUBY 155
3 PEARL 70
7 OPAL 13
Total Dollars Committed by Chapter
Chapter Listing
Rank Department Raised
1 Theta-Zeta (Eastern New Mexico University) $177,941.80
2 Epsilon-Mu (The University of Tulsa) $67,000.00
3 Beta-Chi (Missouri University of Science & Tech.) $51,500.00
4 Beta-Theta (Indiana University) $51,000.00
5 Gamma-Xi (Denison University) $50,000.00
Total Commitments by Chapter
Rank Department Donors
1 Theta-Zeta (Eastern New Mexico University) 51
2 Omicron-Omega (CSU, Stanislaus) 28
3 Delta-Zeta (University of New Mexico) 23
4 Omicron-Zeta (University of Hawaii) 20
5 Theta-Rho (McNeese State University) 18
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